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Sovereignty over Motion

Dişsan Redüktor, established in 1970, is one of the leading companies in Turkey manufacturing gearboxes and couplings. With over 50 years of experience in diverse branches, we provide the most efficient solutions for our customers’ needs.

Dişsan has a wide product range covering worldwide standard gearboxes and application specific gearboxes with helical-spur gear units, helical-bevel gear units and planetary units.

DZ Series - Helical Bevel Gearmotors shadow
DG Series - Shaft Mounted Helical Gearboxes shadow
DA/DK Series - Industrial Gear Units shadow

01 DZ Series - Helical Bevel Gearmotors

DZ series,  helical bevel gearmotors with monoblock housings, are designed for applications where the input and output shafts need to be perpendicular to each other. They provide high torque capabilities and are available in nine different sizes.

The gear units are manufactured with motor adapters for standard IEC B5 motors. The standard motors are in compliance with IEC standarts with IE2 or IE3 efficiency class.


02 DG Series - Shaft Mounted Helical Gearboxes

DG series, shaft mounted gearboxes are specially designed for belt conveyors. Thanks to their rigid structure, they are suitable to operate reliably even in harshest conditions such as mines and quarries. DG series gearboxes are produced in twelve different sizes and offer easy mounting and flexible connection options.

DG series gearboxes are offered with or without motor. The gearboxes without motor are usually driven by belt-pulley systems. If needed, they are manufactured with back-stops to prevent back running of inclined conveyors.


03 DA/DK Series - Industrial Gear Units

DA series helical and DK series bevel-helical gearboxes are suitable for heavy duty industrial applications. They are designed to transmit high output torques in optimized dimensions. They enable wide range of ratios with single to quadruple reduction options.


Reliable Technical Support

With 50 years of engineering and industry expertise, we are always ready to support you!

Our experts will provide you with technical support and consulting on all issues related with right product selection and right product use and maintenance for your applications.


Wide Product Range

We aim to meet all your gearbox and coupling needs with our wide range of products!

Our product range includes standard gear units with helical gears, helical bevel gears and planetary gear units, as well as application and customer specific gearboxes and couplings.


Proven High Quality

Our products which are produced with the best quality materials and workmanship, will serve you safely for many years even under the most severe conditions!

We produce our products using the highest quality materials with 50 years of manufacturing experience. We also support you in the selection and maintanance of the products to ensure that your product is at your service for many years.


Delivering on Time

We deliver your order on the promised date!

Thanks to our flexible production processes and large gear stocks, we can complete the production of your order fast and ensure timely delivery.


Fast Repair & Maintenance

We respond quickly to your repair and maintenance requests!

The continuity of your business is our top priority. In order to respond to your spare parts needs in the fastest way, we keep various spare parts in our stock.

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