Couplings and Backstops

Couplings and Backstops

Dişsan offers complete solutions in drive systems including hydraulic couplings, elastic couplings, gear couplings, overrunning clutches and back-stops.

Couplings are essential parts of the drive systems connecting the motor and the gearbox or the gearbox and the driven machine. They compensate for small amounts of misalignment between shafts.

DYHK model elastic couplings have cylindrical buffers made of polyurethane elastomer (Vulkollan) which is very resisistant to friction and shock loading. DYHK couplings are produced in different sizez up to 105,000 N.m torque.

Dişsan produces hydraulic couplings up to 200 kW at 1500 rpm. Two types of hydraulic couplings are available; DHK A with elastic coupling and DHK B with v-belt pulley.

DDK gear couplings are especially suited for harsh operating conditions. They allow transmission of high torque values in a compact structure. DDK couplings are produced up to 320,000 N.m torque.

DTYK model overrunning cluthes transmit rotary motion and torque from a driving member to a driven member only in one direction.

DGK model external backstops are used to prevent the shafts from rotating in reverse direction.

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