Sovereignty over Motion

Dişsan Redüktor, established in 1970, is one of the leading companies in Turkey manufacturing gearboxes and couplings. With over 50 years of experience in diverse branches, we provide the most efficient solutions for our customers’ needs.

Dişsan has a wide product range covering worldwide standard gearboxes and application specific gearboxes with helical-spur gear units, helical-bevel gear units and planetary gear units.

Our products provide ideal solutions for construction and mining industries, concrete and cement industries, energy and steel industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, plastics industry, wastewater industry, cooling towers and other heavy industry sectors. 

Dişsan Redüktör is exporting its products to many countries including United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Russia, Poland and expanding its global presence continuously.

Dişsan Redüktor is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and quality and customer satisfaction are our top business objectives.

With over 50 years of engineering and production experience, Dişsan always supports its customers with its pre-sales and after-sales services.

Our Mission

As one of the most experienced and leading gearbox manufacturers in Turkey, our mission is to meet the needs of our customers, offering the best quality, most economical and long-lasting products and achieve customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products with the participation of all our employees.

Our Vision

To lead and follow the innovations in the gearbox sector and to continuously develop our products and maintain our competitive power and sustainable growth and to be an internation brand meeting the needs of our domestic and international customers at the highest level.

You can download technical drawings of our products