Water cooling towers provide cooling at the production facilities or power plants by means of spraying the hot water coming from the system on the filler and dissipating the heat from the environment to the atmosphere. A cooling tower is a heat removal unit.

DKS and DNMF1 series gearboxes are specially designed for cooling tower applications and therefore attend to specific requirements of this sector. Thanks to their rigid structure and high quality materials, the gearboxes operate quietly and have a long service life. Input shafts have Viton oil seals to prevent oil leakage from inside and to keep outside contamination from entering the gearbox. They are coated with double epoxy paint for corrosion protection.


  • Cooling Towers

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Specially designed for cooling towers
  • Robust housing and high quality materials
  • High reliability and long operating lifetime
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintanance costs
  • Low noise and low vibration operation thanks to precision machining of housings and ground gears.
  • Special oil seal and coating suitable for the cooling tower enviroment
  • Extra corrosion protection

Product Solutions

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